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Jul 3 2010 The Mutt, Part ICategory: General     11:17AM   0

If you find a human canine on the street, you must never feed it. If you do, it might follow you home. If you feed it tarte fine aux abricots it will certainly do so. Once such a beast follows you home, you'll find yourself training it. It's as if training were some kind of instinct- difficult for someone like you to turn away from those big hungry eyes and the desperate thumping of its tail.

At home, you must first decontaminate the thing. He's filthy inside and out with bits of greasy french fry around his mouth and he smells of the alley where drunk bar patrons have been peeing for years. Dirty things are not allowed in your home. Ever. Hose him down in the shower with cold water and scrub with something abrasive. It will take some time, and possibly a lot of elbow grease, but you may begin to strip away the external grime. Scour until the skin is pink, or red if you prefer it so. Next, you'll need to administer two enemas: the first with soapy water, not quite warm enough. The second enema will be with your own piss, a bit warmer than the water and serving two purposes. Firstly, nothing is more pure and cleansing than liquid gold, straight from your body. Secondly, a warm piss enema is perfect for marking the beast inside and out as Your Property, should you decide to keep it around.

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