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Jul 9 2010 The Mutt, Part IICategory: General     11:16AM   0

The mutt will be both hungry and thirsty after such an ordeal and what you do to meet those needs will make all the difference in the world. It's important that your dog know its place in the home, and food is a great motivator. Food should never be given without having been earned. Humiliating tricks, manual labour, mental work, or requested enthusiasm may be rewarded with food, or perhaps the food itself will be humiliating to eat. That all depends upon the type of human canid you've taken in. With a filthy little street rat like this one, the toilet water should be left accessible in case it is thirsty. If the mutt doesn't drink on its own, you may find it beneficial to either tether it to the toilet on a short leash or push its face into the toilet for encouragement.

You'll want to show the mutt where to relieve itself, too. Even if you don't intend to keep it, you won't want puddles all over your floor. Immediately after the dog has had a drink of water (or whatever you're giving it), bring your pet to the place you'd like it to go. This might be a puppy pad or newspapers in the corner of the room, or it might be a nice strip of grass outdoors. You'll want a dog that feels comfortable emptying itself in your presence, so I suggest acclimating the mutt early to both your physical presence and that of other dominant Ladies while it is making its toilet. Reward or punish according to your own program!

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