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Oct 7 2010 Dr. Strangekink (Or How I Learned To Stop Giggling and Crave The Release)Category: General     11:14AM   0

People love to explain the childhood root of their kink- seeing mother or auntie in silky stockings, being tied while playing cops and robbers, or spankings from the headmistress.

I'm sure we all have some some things we've craved since we were young, but what about those that show up later on? I'm particularly interested in our learned fetishes- things that we didn't eroticize at first, but which became hot or exciting after repeated association. The fetishes we (or others) trained us to crave.

One such fetish of mine is golden showers. The first time I let go on someone was also one of my first experiences getting paid for it. At first, I thought to myself, "This is ridiculously funny that someone wants to pay for this! Still, it's easy enough and this person seems to be amused." Very quickly it became less goofy and more enjoyable.

Before long I had a personal toilet whom I saw several times a week. We had appointments in his home, in the small room specially outfitted for these meetings. Toilet seats, funnels, towels, water bottles, and a variety of other toys would be laid out for my selection. Beyond that, there was a certain ritual- the incense was always the same, the altar at my eye level, the candle light illuminating us both in this very particular way I began to associate with standing over a submissive. We would occasionally meet in a public restroom or have drive-by handoffs of bottles full of my piss. Sometimes I would just be in his neighborhood and call him up to announce that I'd be there in 15 minutes and he'd better be ready. Often, I would bring a friend and we'd take turns so that he had almost no pause in the deluge.

But the ritual combined with the sight of his open mouth below me, spurring him to open wider, swallow more, not miss a drop... over time the sensation of relaxing my bladder and opening my urethra became linked to the surge of erotic power. Golden showers went from fun to exciting, to arousing. Every bathroom visit was a wasted opportunity to drench someone.

At that point I started to get off on GS not only as a form of domination and ritual connection, but also for humiliation. The spatter across the glasses of a squirming slaveboy or the look on my submissive's face: tears and disgust and excitement all at once. I love watching awkward sluts lick every drop off the filthiest floor I can find. My own lust transferred over to others in time, so that they in turn began to think of piss play as a turn-on, something to beg for.

Reward or punishment, humiliating filth or sacred nectar, I've somehow acquired this craving for golden showers.

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