Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance

Mar 3 2011 Las Vegas ReverieCategory: General     11:12AM   0

In the afternoon, my slave and I step out of the golden lobby of the hotel and into the crisp sunlight. My heels are provocatively high, but otherwise we look like a well-dressed couple having a nice luncheon with friends. The friends look the part as well- two women in classic black dresses, wine glasses in hand, beautiful with their no-nonsense smiles and that certain air that only a clued-in few read as Dominant Woman. The restaurant is delicious, but he's having trouble sitting still. The rope is rubbing between his thighs and he hasn't spoken a word since we sat down. "Suffering much?" the blond addresses him. He shrinks in place while still sitting upright and proper. The cuffs are the only piece of his elaborate bondage not concealed by his clothing, and the booth seats effectively hide those, too.

After lunch, I try my luck at the tables. Blackjack. I use his wallet to gamble while he stands waiting behind me, carrying my purse, rubbing my shoulders, fetching me drinks. Occasionally I reach behind to twist his balls under the chastity cage. I tease him while he's locked up, slide my dress up enough to show my garters. eventually, I allow him to play, too. I win big though and he keeps his end of the bargain.

In the warm hotel room, I hear a knock at the door. He's been cleaned out head to toe and fed on the leftovers of mt room service dinner, consumed at my feet. He answers the door and tries to hide his bound body at the same time. I've locked his clothing in the safe, of course. At the door is our gorgeous VIP submissive escort - picked by me, paid for by the slave.  She's surprised to see that I'm not alone, but also curious about the dynamics at play here. I secure him further and push him into the closet where he can hear everything and see only a sliver of the room beneath the door. If I had lost at the tables, it would be her in the closet. I'm lucky though, so he'll have to watch our heels and her knees as she crawls across the floor toward me. He'll pant and pant with his face pushed against the closet floor, trying to see more as I take her over my knee and her squeals become gasps which become cries or pain and arousal. He'll salivate and thrust against the carpet when he sees me push her down to the floor, angled just out of sight while I take full advantage of my prize.

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