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I'm finally back from France!

This summer I stayed seven weeks, primarily in Paris. Little things, tiny sensual pleasures, are essential to my life. Paris is full of opportunities to share those pleasures privately, with a special companion, with a stranger. I collect these pleasures all summer long: walking the extra distance for the baguette which is more perfect. A store that sells nothing but soft, diaphanous dresses. Cheese from the organic cheesemaker who has only two cows and only sells at the Sunday market. A shop that sells nothing but perfumes made of roses. And the Metro entrance!

For two of those weeks I traveled around, seeing tiny islands off the Atlantic coast and the sunny, sandy Mediterranean Sea. I have a special place in my heart now for La Ciotat, where the right staircase just off the boardwalk brought me to a quiet courtyard for homemade ice cream. I have a very profound appreciation for good ice cream. St. Etienne was warm and floral, full of open plazas and leafy cafes. In Brittany I discovered the ultimate combination of sugar, butter, and flour: Kouing Aman. I walked along the coastline there, surrounded by semi-wild horses and Arthurian legends.

I left Marseille the same way I always do- baffled about why I didn't plan to stay longer in the first place. By turns rough and refined, Marseille is the port town to beat all port towns. One of my favourite parts was Noailles, a neighborhood described as "Algiers in Marseille." The sugary North African pastries form mountains on either side of the crowded alleyways. Another new favourite discovered there: Kalb-al-louz, or "heart of almond," which looks so plain but tastes heavenly. 

I'm obviously a little enamoured of the places I've been this summer, but I am also relieved to be home in my own luxurious bed, returning to the people and places I've missed here, and to the little sensual pleasures of life in California.

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