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February 22nd to 26th I'll be accepting guests in New York City, a place I have not yet managed to love. My memories are mostly from a trip I took many years ago with a group of other Professional Mean Ladies. A lot of wild moments were created for ourselves and the poor men of New York, but I didn't have anything near a great time. I was quite affected by the concrete all around, the lack of eye contact, and the disconnected urban world. I was used to San Francisco and Los Angeles, two extroverted cities if ever a city could have that designation. SF is like the south- we chat with you in the train station about those great shoes or your adorable little dog. We talk to strangers and even invite them into our homes. We are likely to engage connection when given the opportunity. By contrast, New York was a closed door.

Then I went to Paris.

It turns out that self-isolation is one way of dealing with crowded conditions. One can only handle so much stimulation and, as anyone who has studied the brain can tell you, eye contact is a very powerful stimulant. Aside from the warm and chatty reception from French friends and non-Parisians, the coping mechanism of choice in Paris is avoiding eye contact, self-encapsulation via headphones and a straight stare. After this realization, I wonder if I will perceive New York City any differently. These days I feel that I have more understanding of the introverted urban style of survival, but I'm still a California girl at heart. I still want to talk about your cute dog.

Help me love NYC. Send me an email about something magical you have found there and inspire me!

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