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Sep 26 2007 D/s at the OperaCategory: General     11:06AM   0

 On Tuesday night I went to the Opera to see Samson and Delilah, the tickets being a gift from my faithful servant "r." I brought with me a very sweet submissive boy who had never before attended the opera, and we had such a lovely time! With our contraband chocolate and ginger sandwich cookies from from Citizen Cake, we enjoyed the sparkling beards (!), lithe temple dancers, and the lusty force of Delilah's voice. Some of the lines were very amusing for a kinky audience with Delilah singing about Samson as a slave to her sexuality, about how completely she owns his soul. I remember wanting the sub to remember a few choice lines for me, but he does not count sharp memory as his strong suit. If anyone has a good English translation of the libretto, I would love to read it.

Something about the San Francisco Opera House, with all of its red velveteen and golden fixtures and cream marble sweeping opulence seems to invite the kind of formal protocol I love. No Lady should attend without some kind of submissive in tow- there are always drinks to be fetched, calling cards to be delivered, capes to be carried. I have always wanted a box at the opera, and I so easily slip into a reverie about the details: platters of tiny cookies and fruit and champagne, foot worship while I watch the performance, well-trained footmen in bondage beneath their livery. Should my footman have a lapse in focus, forget his duty and become lost in the song, a grinding heel between his thighs will wake him up to the reality of his purpose. At the intermissions, we would step back into privacy for a little excitement between the acts.

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