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Sep 5 2007 Pony Cart MemoriesCategory: General     11:02AM   0

 I'm hoping to arrange another PonyPlay Picnic in the Park sometime soon, while the weather is still warm and sunny. I realized that it has been almost five months since the last one, which was the final event in the annual Dog and Pony Show. Thinking about the last one reminded me to look at the pictures taken of Mistress Liliane, pony Ronin, and myself, driving through beautiful golden gate park. He's a wonderful pony- strong and agreeably trained, and very affectionate. Everyone there wanted a turn in the cart and soon we were giving rides to other ponies, puppies, even a bunny! The breeze on my skin and the sun in my hair, the soft bounce of Ronin's boots on the asphalt, the flick my whip and the whisking of his tail, the pleasure of speed and a large beast working up a sweat... what a fine afternoon that was!

There seem to be so many people with interests in animal role play, but I hear from so few of them! If you are looking for some time as a pup, a pony, a bear or a butterfly, One good place to begin is by joining some of the various mailing lists, newsgroups, and online communities dedicated to the subject, beginning at the Dog N Pony or Stampede sites. I am sure you would be made very welcome at the Bay Area Stampede munch, which occurs monthly in San Francisco. I attend often to talk with other trainers and handlers, meet potential playmates, and be reminded of just how vast the world of animal role play really is!

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