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Apr 27 2007 Foot FantasiaCategory: General     08:41AM   0

 Last night I attended my first FootNight, encouraged first by Domina Soulstice, then by Pagan Wilde and by Sydney Sweet, and finally by my own desire to have my feet touched in a thousand different ways. I wore a gauzy black dress by Nataya, very 20's-inspired, and open toed stilettos, piped in white, with a flirty bow across the toe. I left my hair down, without ornamentation, but only because I had to leave my house in such a rush: My servant was stuck in traffic and I had to hurry to buy a watch at the last minute. As someone who crackles when others are late for an appointment with me, I absolutely HATE to be late for anything. I'm chronically early, in fact.

I don't wear or even own a timepiece and nothing in any of the shops screamed (or even murmured) my name. The ladies are asked to arrive by 7:30 on the dot. At 7:25, after three stores and two friends, I was still watchless and my servent was a block away. I made it up the stairs, just breezing into the venue at 7:36, hoping to use my phone as a time keeper, hoping that wouldn't seem tacky.

Once I met a few of the ladies, I was whisked away to have my FootNight virginity carefully shed by a kind gentleman with warm hands and a very polite manner. Any concern I had, any rush I felt, it all melted away in ten minutes of warm, firm foot kneading. Mmm.

It was a little funny at first, like a high school dance. Men and women strolling around, sodas in hand, nervous smiles at one another as they explored the venue. As more people arrived and the ladies began to recognise aquaintances and nibble the snacks, things loosened up a bit. I'm very much an extrovert, so I was happy to chat with everyone about Hawaiian plants, where to get the best airfares and why people like pony play. It was a calm and comfortable party, made especially interesting by the fact that around every corner, some pretty girl was having her feet pampered, tortured, tickled or licked by a boy with a big grin.

One thing I discovered for myself last night was just how very much I loved having my feet leered at! Men walked by and looked right down, practically licking their lips! Also very hot for me were the "nibblers." It's a kind of tickle that feels overstimulating in such a delicious way.

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