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Feb 19 2012 New York CityCategory: Travel     11:09AM   0

February 22nd to 26th I'll be accepting guests in New York City, a place I have not yet managed to love. My memories are mostly from a trip I took many years ago with a group of other Professional Mean Ladies. A lot of wild moments were created for ourselves and the poor men of New York, but I didn't have anything near a great time. I was quite affected by the concrete all around, the lack of eye contact, and the disconnected urban world. I was used to San Francisco and Los Angeles, tw

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Nov 25 2011 Home AgainCategory: General     11:11AM   0

I'm finally back from France!

This summer I stayed seven weeks, primarily in Paris. Little things, tiny sensual pleasures, are essential to my life. Paris is full of opportunities to share those pleasures privately, with a special companion, with a stranger. I collect these pleasures all summer long: walking the extra distance for the baguette which is more perfect. A store that sells nothing but soft, diaphanous dresses. Cheese from

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Mar 3 2011 Las Vegas ReverieCategory: General     11:12AM   0

In the afternoon, my slave and I step out of the golden lobby of the hotel and into the crisp sunlight. My heels are provocatively high, but otherwise we look like a well-dressed couple having a nice luncheon with friends. The friends look the part as well- two women in classic black dresses, wine glasses in hand, beautiful with their no-nonsense smiles and that certain air that only a clued-in few read as Dominant Woman. The restaurant is delicious, but he's having trouble sitting stil

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Oct 7 2010 Dr. Strangekink (Or How I Learned To Stop Giggling and Crave The Release)Category: General     11:14AM   0

People love to explain the childhood root of their kink- seeing mother or auntie in silky stockings, being tied while playing cops and robbers, or spankings from the headmistress.

I'm sure we all have some some things we've craved since we were young, but what about those that show up later on? I'm particularly interested in our learned fetishes- things that we didn't eroticize at first, but which became hot or exciting after repeated association. The fetishes we (or oth

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Jul 9 2010 The Mutt, Part IICategory: General     11:16AM   0

The mutt will be both hungry and thirsty after such an ordeal and what you do to meet those needs will make all the difference in the world. It's important that your dog know its place in the home, and food is a great motivator. Food should never be given without having been earned. Humiliating tricks, manual labour, mental work, or requested enthusiasm may be rewarded with food, or perhaps the food itself will be humiliating to eat. That all depends upon the type of human canid you

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Jul 3 2010 The Mutt, Part ICategory: General     11:17AM   0

If you find a human canine on the street, you must never feed it. If you do, it might follow you home. If you feed it tarte fine aux abricots it will certainly do so. Once such a beast follows you home, you'll find yourself training it. It's as if training were some kind of instinct- difficult for someone like you to turn away from those big hungry eyes and the desperate thumping of its tail.

At home, you must first decontaminate the thing. He's filthy inside and o

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Jun 10 2010 Travel and ElectricityCategory: General     11:18AM   0

Travel is almost always smooth for me. I love the feeling of printed packing lists, itineraries on cream-coloured paper, documents and copies of documents. I love every little thing I could possibly need, packed up with an eye to efficiency of space. Gear is cleaned and fit into suitcases in anticipation of the unpacking and play. I love the feeling of organization and traveling, for me, is like the holy grail of organized times. The pre-travel planning, started months before. The to-d

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May 25 2010 EquestrienneCategory: General     11:20AM   0

Lately my fantasies keep coming back to an equestrian theme. Looking down on a captured slave from my perch on the back of a black mount, wet from the hunt. Sneering at the stable boy before lifting my boot and kicking him down into the muck. Tacking up a ponygirl for display, tucking the bit securely between her lips and holding her face before mine to see the surrender in her eyes. And the clothing. The clothing!

Sunday morning I got together with the duo be

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May 13 2010 Summer Travel PlansCategory: General     11:21AM   0

I usually head to Europe in the summertime, where I am fortunate to find a perfect balance between whirlwind adventures and lazy holidays.

   June 22 through 28 I will be in Toronto, Ontario. I'm looking forward to visiting my favourite lunch spot, watching the black (and white) squirrels in the park, and finally seeing the botanical gardens which should be in full bloom. Unfortunately, it will also be the time of the G8/G20, so I've heard that the city will not

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Apr 10 2010 Haiku: Dedication From a DistanceCategory: General     11:25AM   0

A certain groveling submissive creature has been laboring to craft haiku for me- one per day for a week. So far, so good. Despite his appalling inability to count syllables, the sentiments expressed are quite nice. For our purposes the frame has been set at the common 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Although of course there are a number of ways to structure a haiku, I think it's best we start with the grade school parameters and practice our counting.

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Mar 28 2010 If Only They Were a Little Bigger...Category: General     11:27AM   0

The Aviary Crib is simple, and could double as a cage for non-baby-people, but the website says it has no "corners of entrapment." I suppose that's reassuring to someone, but I find it disappointing.

The Baby Dear Crib is actually heart-shaped

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Mar 6 2010 A One-Woman Girl GangCategory: General     11:28AM   0

Black cuban heel stockings; check.

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Feb 3 2010 Vita/OrlandoCategory: General     11:31AM   0

I met Vita/Orlando when she came to San Francisco in the summer last year. A mutual friend had put us in touch while I was organizing my European summer travels. It seemed like the perfect arrangement to swap apartments with a kinky Parisian girl and when I learned that our trips would mostly overlap but allow for a little time together in both SF and Paris, how could I refuse?

We got to know one another picking berries down

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Jan 30 2010 The Great Happiness SpaceCategory: General     11:32AM   0

Last night I watched a documentary called The Great Happiness Space about the boys who work in one of the approximately 100 host clubs of Osaka. They all seem to sport a very similar style with wispy bleached flock-of-seagulls J-pop hair and expensive clothes and accessories. They make tens of thousands of dollars a month entertaining women with champagne, karaoke, cuddling, flirtation and conversation. They liken themselves to male geisha. They say that they are in the business of sel

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Jan 14 2010 The Red Bulb EnemaCategory: General     11:33AM   0

"I was never spanked, but spent a fair amount of time looking up words like 'spanking,' 'paddling,' 'birching,' and 'corporal punishment' in the dictionary. I also used to take down my pants and underwear and lean over the bed, waiting for the punishment that I knew I deserved (but never happened)."

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