Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance



Date Title
12-12-2017 "Would you like to have an Afternoon Baby Foot Tea?"
01-21-2014 Surveillance Technologies for Erotic Control
09-30-2013 The Thrill of Being Watched
06-21-2013 Pleasure and Distraction
08-28-2012 On Thresholds and Topping From The Bottom
08-08-2012 Two New Accomplices
08-02-2012 Porcelain and Paperbacks
05-07-2012 My Two-Week Long Scene / Vacation, Part I
05-07-2012 I Know, I Know...
05-07-2012 Still One of My Favourite Things
05-07-2012 An Afternoon Downtown
11-25-2011 Home Again
03-03-2011 Las Vegas Reverie
10-07-2010 Dr. Strangekink (Or How I Learned To Stop Giggling and Crave The Release)
07-09-2010 The Mutt, Part II
07-03-2010 The Mutt, Part I
06-10-2010 Travel and Electricity
05-25-2010 Equestrienne
05-13-2010 Summer Travel Plans
04-10-2010 Haiku: Dedication From a Distance
03-28-2010 If Only They Were a Little Bigger...
03-06-2010 A One-Woman Girl Gang
02-03-2010 Vita/Orlando
01-30-2010 The Great Happiness Space
01-14-2010 The Red Bulb Enema
01-09-2010 Footnight
01-01-2010 Palm Springs
12-26-2009 Happy Holidays!
12-08-2009 Send Him to Me, Part II
11-28-2009 Send Him to Me, Part I
10-14-2009 Sissy Bo Peep
09-24-2009 A Sadistic Governess? Me?
09-06-2009 Girl Gang
09-03-2009 What Has a Few Holes, Two Stockings, and One Purpose in Life?
08-04-2009 Final Days, First Times, and Photos in France
07-18-2009 Keyword: Luxury
06-30-2009 "Reasonable" Attire According to Whom?
06-29-2009 Lady Rancher
06-01-2009 Bad Little Bobby
02-27-2009 Swan Lake
11-05-2008 The New Crib at The EI
09-29-2008 Folsom Street Faire and The Inverted Eye
08-03-2008 Vintage Sissy Maid
07-03-2008 Lingerie by any other name...
07-02-2008 Hot and Cold, Part II
06-26-2008 Hot and Cold, Part I
05-02-2008 Spring Baby
04-03-2008 A Tidy Nursery // Yiff Cross Dressing Fantasy
03-16-2008 Mommy's little boy has his first public play!
02-29-2008 Claudia: Dominant Girls / submissive daddies
02-15-2008 Domi-Nurturix
02-08-2008 My Kitty Whore
01-11-2008 Hairbrushes
11-27-2007 Autumn Feet
11-12-2007 My Two-Week Long Scene / Vacation, Part II
10-15-2007 Little Something
09-26-2007 D/s at the Opera
09-21-2007 Dommes in the Desert
09-05-2007 Pony Cart Memories
08-31-2007 Mommy's Little Boy Loves Stockings
07-07-2007 Very Precious Doll
07-05-2007 An Afternoon with Mademoiselle Octavie
06-28-2007 Paris: Kink Desert
05-31-2007 Shoes, Frosting.
04-27-2007 Foot Fantasia