Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance



I’m a lifelong learner, dazzled by the sciences. Botany and animal cognition both fascinate me; I tend a jungle of house plants and I also volunteer for an animal rescue. I like to read about design and linguistics, listen to NPR and TED talks. I have a fondness for clever and playful language. In addition to speaking French I’m beginning to study Arabic. I try to spend at least part of every day in nature, usually walking, hiking, or relaxing in the park. Food and food politics are passions for me; I live to eat AND eat to live. Dance and movement are daily pursuits for me whether that means time at the gym, belly dance classes, or tango in the evenings.


Each day I dress to embody the glamour I feel, appreciating and reveling in my own femininity. I like to feel a bit outside time, as if I am a part of a beautiful film. Elegance is deeply fetishistic for me. I wear vintage or vintage-inspired clothing and foundational garments nearly every day, but I also own and appreciate well-made modern pieces with classic lines. I'm drawn to sensual silks and satins, rich chiffon petticoats and sophisticated pencil skirts. I wear my fiery hair long and generally prefer simple, clean makeup that highlights my grey eyes.


I am most at home in scenes where control and tenderness find a balance and where my power can be used for our sublime pleasure. I have nine years of experience as a Professional which were preceded by years of kink and role play in personal and performative contexts. I’ve developed my skill set through experimentation, attending workshops, reading, and the invaluable perspectives of other Dominants and submissives. My play style is also informed by my intuition, creativity, and interpersonal wisdom. The stimulation and the satisfaction I get from spending time with you is the reason I continue on this path.


I hold myself to a high standard of ethics that reflects who I want to be in the world. In communication I am honest, authentic, and discreet. Our relationship and communication are kept in the strictest confidentiality. I pride myself on being compassionate and present, choosing company that I will genuinely enjoy. In play I bring professional expertise, creativity, and responsibility.


My greatest pleasures in life are sensual experience and emotional growth. I am able to experience immense delight in the little details. I’m a heady, unapologetic romantic. A perfect meal in a gorgeous environment is my heaven. Watching things grow. Creating beauty. Texture. Tea. Indulgence, Hedonism. Considering evolution, considering brilliant design. Connecting diverse ideas to build a bigger understanding. Being fully present in my life. Laughing. Changing the world for the better, even in a tiny way. Accepting the gift of adoration. Power exchange.

At the moment, I’m very into peacocks.