Violette Thorngate Exquisite Dominance


The following are excerpted, with permission, from the letters of people with whom I have shared my time, attention, and energy. 


 Whisper of nylon...

An ant struggles on the pin

Before darkness falls


Miss Thorngate, 

You are such an extraordinary woman ! I wonder if you are aware of the discombobulating effect the simplest gesture from you has on me. I sometimes find being submissive to you difficult, unsettling, occasionally upsetting and often frustrating. I have mentioned before the painful ache of seperation I feel when you leave.

And, then, a short but playful note from you and I am lost again... the left brain has taken over and I am desperately infatuated ! It seems a glance in my direction or a crooked finger is all it takes for me to tumble head over heels.

I desperately want to be with you, naked and on my knees, shivering with nervous anticipation, not knowing what might happen. I need you to push me into that warm place where I feel tiny and so utterly vulnerable to you.

This must be like dealing with a love sick teenager for you !

Your most ardent submissive,


my Partner and I had a wonderful time with you and Mme. xxxxx yesterday, and thank you both. We would very much enjoy the opportunity to spend time with you again soon.

If i may be forgiven for saying so, i really underestimated you! i had seen Mme. xxxxx several times before and gotten a great beating but enjoyed her humorous style. i very foolishly attempted to "cast" you in an imaginary role which i portrayed to myself as young and sexy and vulnerable, to be "rescued" by Mme. xxxxx and [my Partner]. Believe me: i have seen the error of my ways!

i was *extremely* impressed with your consummate professionalism in all three phases of our session: with your ability to tear down my defenses quickly and completely, to then reach what was left of me and bring me back to the land of the living, and lastly to help us to play out a long-held and cherished fantasy in absolutely perfect form! In my own dim way as a sub, i see just how fortunate both [my Partner] and i were to be able to session with you.

Yours in Most Sincere Gratitude,
-a. and A.


Artiface stripped

She sees what no one else sees

And does not turn away


Dear Miss Thorngate,
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I really treasure the time you allow me spend with you. Who would have thought that such an elegant and refined lady would harbour such nasty thoughts in her head. I am cringing every time I think of the "frilly maid’s cap of shame". Your unique motivational skills certainly made me very enthusiastic about cleaning the toilet. I think I could definitely get good at that so perhaps a career in the domestic services industry beckons. The thought of me begging to be "epilated" while squirming uncontrolably, at your whim, is just too much. I don't think I will be able to look you in the eye next time or ever again.

You really are providing sustenance for my perverted soul



You were very much in control and not about to brook any nonsense from me! You're so clearly an intelligent and perceptive woman, not to mention beautiful with a saucy smile, that I really feelgenuinely grateful for the chance to spend time together. ...a surprising and unexpected form of connection. You made me feel very cared for and I appreciate your willingness to play with me for such an extended period of time. 

Thank you again and with respect,





When I am humiliated in front of you it is incredibly crushing, because that whole layer of my persona is being stripped away. That means I can't do my charming, witty bit which is my normal (I hope) interaction style and all I have left to impress you is enthusiastic submissive puppy ! Other women present heightens that of course, hence my musings about lingerie shopping with you, but my primary focus and indeed trigger is you and your reaction.

I love discreet public humiliation where something is going on between Domme and submissive which might not be obvious to the general public or humiliation where there is a risk of being caught (I still shiver thinking of me standing naked in the full length window of a 9th floor hotel room in Paris. I could see everyone walking by and was praying I wouldn't be spotted - I believe you were laughing your ass off at the time).

Finally, I don't think I have mentioned it in a while but you are the most stunningly glamorous woman I have ever met. You take my breath away every time we meet or speak. I am on tenterhooks waiting to hear from you again

All my respect and best wishes


I am broken down

She has claimed what is hers

Her power fills me


i really appreciate your continuing contact, and your human kindness. i gasp aloud sometimes when i read them, and feel the surge of adrenaline bring my blush. The emotional impact of my time with you is still strong. i find myself replaying the restaurant scenes in the wee hours when others are asleep. i saw Ratatouille the other night, and tears streamed down my face for an hour in the darkness. Now that i'm further from the flame, i can think of many songs i wish i'd sung instead. Please, Miss. We'll both need to take care not to ignite my wings.

Honestly Miss Violette, i count myself blessed for the Gift of the Time you have already donated to me, amazingly, selflessly. i don't understand this, but consider it a miracle of the Goddess. i thank you really and truly, from deep inside. You are amazing. i have never met your like.


Dear Miss Thorngate,

Thank you for the attitude adjustment in our recent session. As a sissymaid for the domestic and sexual service of my wife, it is most helpful to have my views and attitudes towards service adjusted through corporal discipline. I shall not forget the taste of soap, the spreader on my mouth inviting deeper penetration than any willing slut would have allowed, and I shall consider that lesson when opening my mouth to my wife in the future.

Your training of my body posture and feminine walking was also of great insight. Women wear high heels to please men, I wear them in service to women. Being corseted, chained and hobbled while walking in them again pushed my appreciation for women well beyond what a woman endures.

Your training has taken me to a good place in the service of women. My chastity cage keeps me focused on the sexual needs of my wife, and the corporal punishment was reinforcement of my role as service provide, domestic hand and house husband. And I am the better for it. Thank you!